Husni Mubarak, Old General Who was Swept Away by the Arab Spring

Former  Egyptian President Husni Mubarak was  confirmed dead at the age of 91 at a military hospital in Cairo.

Mubarak himself has been in power since 1981 and was finally ousted in 2011 with the Arab Spring movement. The former Egyptian Air Force high ranking officer replaces Anwar Sadat as president, after his predecessor was killed on October 6, 1981.

Mubarak, who was then serving as vice president, finally replaced Sadat.

A wave of the Spring Arab Movement ( Arab Spring ) which began in Tunisia helped approach Egypt. Mubarak and his regime which were considered corrupt and authoritarian were the target of popular anger.

The 18-day demonstration of the reform movement in Tahrir Square finally made Mubarak even more depressed and forced him to resign. The Muslim Brotherhood group which became one of the motors of the demonstration then took power by the late Muhammad Mursi as president. However, the age of the regime is not long.

Mubarak was later prosecuted for allegedly allowing the killing of hundreds of protesters and corruption during his rule.

As reported by CNN , as long as the legal process began in 2011, his health condition continued to decline so he had to undergo intensive treatment. He was even reportedly in a coma.

In June 2012, Mubarak was found guilty of killing demonstrators and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was later transferred to the Tora prison in southern Cairo.

In December 2014, hundreds of demonstrators returned to the streets after the Egyptian Court acquitted Mubarak of charges of killing demonstrators.

At that time, demonstrators considered that the decision would dash hopes of a new era of political openness in Egypt.

The Mubarak regime is considered a period of autocracy and capitalism ruled Egypt. After Mubarak was overthrown, Egypt held free elections for the first time.

However, the Egyptian president elected from the election, Mohamed Mursi, was ousted shortly after he took office by military commander Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, who has until now led Egypt.

El-Sisi then freed Mubarak from all charges. (hope / hope)

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