When Games Are Inspired by World Political Conditions

Creating a game is  not only about pleasure. Some developers, choose an unusual path, by developing political-  themed games .

In an exhibition entitled 'Games and Politics', the relationship between games between games  and political interests is explained to the general public. The exhibition, which was held at Goethe Haus in Jakarta, began on May 8.

"Basically, we want to show political-themed games as part of social life," said Ulrike Klose, Goethe Public Relations, Friday (05/12/2017).

There are 16 games on display at this event. All games are curated by the Goethe-Institut and the ZKM Center for Art and Media.

All games on display are divided into six categories, namely political decision making, gender politics , warfare, refugees, media influence, and historic events.

From Suara.com monitoring. the visitors seemed absorbed in playing the games slot online on display. You can visit this exhibition for free.

"This method is also carried out to transfer knowledge to the people of Indonesia," he said.

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