President Jokowi Wants Department of eSports in Indonesia

The bright future of the eSports world makes Indonesian President Joko Widodo want vocational education to be more varied, such as holding eSports majors in Indonesia . Because according to him the department or vocational education at this time was too monotonous and had very little change so that it could not talk too much in the international world because it did not have significant big changes.

 Jokowi Wants Department of eSports

"I always convey to the Minister of Research and Technology, the Chancellor if we meet that we should not be fixated on economic, legal, social political majors. I ask to get the majors needed right now, "

"Why don't we make the megatronics department, the logistics department, the retail department, the animation department, or even the e-sport department,"

This phrase is very reasonable, because at this time the world continues to change and many things that used to be things that are not important even not too considered to have a bright future, are now even very influential. This means education does not always have to be that, economic, legal, social political, or technical.

The bright future of esports in Indonesia at this time also has made many young people who work in esports, is this the time for esports in Indonesia to develop even more rapidly?

The eSports world, for example, is currently one of the most talked about today, where games have evolved and developed into a type of sport where teams compete in one tournament and generate billions of rupiahs of income for those who can win an event international tournament .

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